Truth in Nutrition, Genuine Guidance

All dietitian-nutritionists are not created equal. Laurie is passionate about truth in nutrition, with her expertise built on evidence and practiced in many years as a cancer dietitian. And, she is also dedicated to the art of navigating you on the path that takes you toward your Best Self.

Your needs, your type of session, and your preference of face-to-face or secure telehealth video:

Nutrition Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching

Just the Two of Us: Nutrition knowledge wedded to personalized lifestyle coaching. Together with Laurie, handcraft your path to lifestyle changes through behavioral changes toward your anti-cancer diet plan. This approach is focused on empowering you to discover and achieve desired changes. Laurie uses her vast experience in nutrition to inform you and her attentive listening to nudge you toward your Best Self. Recommend 3 or more visits for best results.

60-90 minute visit


3 visits $180

6 visits $360

Nutrition Guidance

Teacher! Teacher!: This style of vist is ideal for you if a specific type of diet has been recommended to you by a health professional. Or, maybe you have qustions about nutrition supplements for cancer patients or nutrition during cancer treatments. Laurie will give you the details, how to read labels, shop and prepare foods that follow the diet.

$57.00 per visit for 65 years & older

$77.00 per visit

Weight Management & Meal Planning

The Bottom Line: Individualized and personalized guidance and support with meal planning expertise for your weight management needs. Use of truth in nutrition approach and genuine guidance coaching. For best results, multiple visits recommended.

One visit $117.00

3 visits $347.00


And Now Introducing: Laurie enjoys giving presentations on nutrition trends, food is medicine topics, and educational sessions for groups or classes. Contact Laurie for details.

  • Laurie Hatch, RD
  • Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • Truth in Nutrition, Genuine Guidance
  • 720-792-3920
  • Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. Life is short, the art long. Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.—Hippocrates